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President's Message: February 2024

The Executive Board for 2024-2025 was sworn in at the January General Membership Meeting.  I would like to thank Judge William Franks, a Shields member and Stony Point Town Justice, for administering the oath of office to the new Board of Officers.
I extend a very special “Thank You” to Past President Tim Connolly, Sr., for administering the oath of office to me - again.
Christian Cortelli did an outstanding job as President.  I very much appreciate his kind words at the January meeting.  He instituted the Rockland County Shields Law Enforcement Awards”.
We will be presenting the Awards at the April 2024 General Meeting.  Awards are given to officers who exemplify devotion to duty and to civilians for outstanding support of the law enforcement community.  The recommendation form will be here on the Shields website (under the RESOURCES tab) and in the monthly email.
The people that make up the Board do quite a bit of work.  The events run by this organization are the results of that work.  We are always appreciative of extra assistance and we welcome any new ideas.
As I mentioned at the January meeting, I encourage everyone to bring a new member to a meeting.
The price of membership is still the best deal in town.  Ours is a profession with a long history of “choir practice”.  Some of the best cop stories can be heard at the “Bronx table”.
“Job Well Done” by Peg Varieur for giving the Newsletter a very welcomed facelift.  If you have something for the Newsletter (retirements, promotions, reunions, trivia, pension information, etc) send it to:
[email protected]

Ed Weireter


*Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.  Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.
(Benjamin Franklin)



February 28, 2024

General Membership Meeting, Haverstraw Elks, 7:00 PM

March 27, 2024

General Membership Meeting. Haverstraw Elks. 7:00 PM

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